The day is not allowed to cry, we smile

The day is not allowed to cry, we smile

Third grade, my grades have been very poor, don’t study hard every day. Plus school classmates all took the PSP games in the school play, my heart is flying off to the outside of the two cloud nine, grade with worse!

In class we open a trolley bus, the idea is just on the game; Recess when we play “stone scissors cloth” to tell the order of play; Rest in the dormitory, we did not take a shower and just play games; During sleep, we hide in the bedding to play games. Has a test after test (poorly), dad asked me: “do you know what is called ‘happiness’?” I don’t know ashamed to laugh, a smile is endless, all out of breath. Yes, what is “happiness”? I never think seriously about the problem. Sometimes just to hear adults say: “I have a happy family, I’m so happy!” I just thought, that’s because you have a home! I also am but a child, “happiness” is too far away for me.

When I smile, in a pull down from the head, dad said: “you do not always want a ‘PSP? Continuous sorted into every examination as long as you are admitted to the ninety a few minutes, I will send you when your birthday a PSP, really!”

What! A “PSP” this is really great! Although this result for me is the bead goes Rama peak, but I still faith one hundred times.

From now on I can mix with others, also not “stone scissors cloth”, never don’t take a bath, can’t even play games during sleep. I have already started to learn!

When all kinds of notes and comments have been tired of by other students, but I will give to these various notes and comments the infinite hope. You can’t have any pocket of a notebook, and my pocket is indeed there is a small notebook, and there is a crow crow with notes on laptop, how, surprise!!!!

Teacher’s notes, the more I happy, because I know that the more the better I can take an examination of the note. But also because I have so many nicknames, such as: “desperately Saburo”, “summer fool”, “nerd” and so on, but I don’t really care.

How time flies, suddenly have to grade three of my birthday, I took out a dozen nine very examination papers to arrive in front of dad, dad asked me what this is, I smiled and said to the father: “dad, I ‘PSP?” Dad after listening to the laughter, laughter after he just laugh tears, said to me: “the silly child, died in tease you play, you can see if you are diligent, then why did you study before?” What! Lie to me! That I’m really sad dead, you don’t know that this half of the semester I my hand all cocoon for the exam.

But think about it myself every lesson ninety something every time, also when the vice President, I finally understand what is “happiness”. I also just know happiness is quite near to us!

I read now, whenever I see the “happy” and “challenging” this two word, I will think of my father.

Children are innocent and naive, but a “challenging” you broke the dream, I broke it all!

Dad, you are coming from childhood, but you why want to cheat the child!

The annual lunar calendar is the day when to grandpa birthday

The Spring Festival is the most unforgettable one thing

This year the Spring Festival, my parents and I came to grandma’s New Year’s day. During the Spring Festival

, I live very happy, here, have taken place in many interesting and unforgettable

That one is very impressive to me.

The annual lunar calendar is the day when to grandpa birthday, everybody elected me as that

The days of “photographer”. I was ecstatic, hurriedly begged his dad

Baby – camera out. Under the guidance of my father not a short time I was

Learned the basic knowledge of some photography, he can’t wait to go out


Our family walk on the road along the river, where beautiful scenery, flowers

Cold ling in full bloom, rockery graceful, the river bottom… See this

A beautiful picture, I can’t help but pick up the camera snapped a few pieces in a row.

Walking, we came to a composed of flowers, small square

Bill was put into a big guitar shape, sister’s curiosity, a sea

They ran to “visit”. I took advantage of this opportunity to adjust to the sun

Child “model, aimed at just snapped a few pieces. Mother and aunt to bear, too

Impatient, has told me to take photos of them, I’m back “smiling face detection

“Measurement mode, choose a beautiful Angle took some pictures of them. We are

Continue to chat while walking, went to the river. On the river water is very wide,

The utter quiet like a mirror, the surrounding scenery reflection in it, in a distant city

The faintly saw a little pagoda and the building of the mist, really is like a fairy in the world

The land!

Everyone watching the beautiful scene, have asked me to photograph them

. Then I let them put a cool pose, and I use the camera for him

They left this beautiful moment… Back home, I turned on the computer,

Insert u disk, check out photos just now. I constantly appreciated

Have a good time. I smiled shyly.

It makes me happy and unforgettable. Because I learned photography,

And get the recognition. I believe that in the near future, though

Efforts I will become a real photographer!